Clear Bra Paint Protection

Perhaps it is your prized possession.
Perhaps it is simply a means of getting you to and from work. Maybe it’s even the way to pick up your date. No matter what you use it for, a fantastic invention is here to keep your car in good shape and free of dents and scratches – the clear bra.Whether you’re just looking for an unbeatable level of protection or you are tired of installing and removing the old vinyl bra that you are using, the clear bra is the answer. This bra protects your car by means of a see-through barrier. It comes custom made for various types of cars and is produced for different parts of the automobile. From the hood bumper and mirror kit to the light protection kit, the door handle kit, the bumper kit and many others, this is one product that has you covered.The clear bra can handle the harsh elements that nature throws at you. It is literally able to deflect debris, and because it is a painted film which covers the exterior of your car, it is close to barely visible; the only noticeable line on this product is where the clear bra stops, and this is unnoticeable to most who will see your car.
This revolutionary material was initially designed by the aviation industry as a means of protecting airplane propellers and helicopter rotors from chips. Given its history, it’s sure to be able to protect your car from the dents and dings that you might experience on the road.The clear bra helps keep up the good looks and reliability of paint finishes on the vulnerable front and back surfaces of your automobile from damage against bugs, tar stains, scratches, sand, gravel, harsh outdoor weather and ultraviolet radiation. Once your paint protection kit is installed, it will require no further maintenance for the clear shield. All that you would have to do is wax and wash as per normal. What’s more is that this product is computer designed to fit your specific vehicle, and while the initial installation is intended to be permanent, the material can be removed at any time without damage to the paint work. Compared to older versions like the vinyl nose masks or car bras, the clearbra will not vibrate, or trap material under the shield, and it certainly won’t scratch the paint of your automobile.

If you’re looking for a method of protection like no other, consider the car bra today